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LMCO 2017 Week of Prayer: Day 1

Posted by First West Staff on

The Bagby Family Story

The streets that line the city where Radford and Sarah Bagby* live are the kind people in the United States would find to go four-wheeler riding. “Get outside of that, and it’s so much worse,” Radford says. And outside of that is exactly where they’re trying to go.

Getting to the 28 people groups in the mountains of Nepal takes a journey of weeks by car, plane, and trekking on foot—and that’s if everything goes just right. “It’s a relationship-based, long-term type of work,” Radford said. “It will be a lot of thankless work for a few years, but I do think we will see a lot of progress in our lifetime. It’s just very slow. The fields are hard.”

Day 1 Week of Prayer - Bagby Family from IMB on Vimeo.

PRAY for God to remove barriers as the Bagbys hike to unreached people groups.

PRAY God will continue to open hearts in Nepal and raise up national believers who will boldly take the gospel to other villages.

* Names changed