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LMCO 2019 Week of Prayer: Day 1

Posted by First West Staff on

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Day 1 - 01

IMB President Dr. Paul Chitwood (center) sits with missionary Kevin Singerman (left) and Geofrey Ochan of Hope Baptist Church in Arua, Uganda. Paul traveled to Uganda recently to encourage missionaries and get a firsthand view of what their ministry to refugees is like. Paul said the trip gave him deeper insight into the struggles missionaries face and how better to pray for them.

Day 1 - 02

Michelle Chitwood, wife of IMB President Dr. Paul Chitwood, enjoys a worship service on a recent trip to Uganda. She and Paul visited missionaries there who are reaching out to refugee camps near the South Sudan border. The trip gave them a fresh glimpse of the challenges missionaries can face on the field.

Day 1 - 03

IMB missionary George Smith (left) shares a laugh with IMB President Dr. Paul Chitwood while Paul was in Uganda for a visit recently. Paul says life on the field can be full of joy, but seeing the daily logistical struggles missionaries face in reaching their people reminded him of the deep need for prayer.

Day 1 - 04

As IMB missionaries pursue people all over the world with the gospel of Christ, they are met with stories of need and even severe trauma. But they are seeing hearts changed and people find hope. IMB President Dr. Paul Chitwood called Christians to pray for missionaries to have spiritual, physical and emotional stamina as they work to reach the unreached.

Day 1 - 05

Cai Chitwood (center, left), daughter of IMB President Dr. Paul Chitwood, jumps rope with a new friend on a recent trip with her parents to Africa. The whole Chitwood family came away with new insight on how to better support and pray for missionaries on the field.

Day 1 - 06

IMB President Dr. Paul Chitwood (center) and his daughter, Cai, share a conversation about their faith with a man they met on a recent trip to Africa. While on the trip, Paul said he got a firsthand view of some of the challenges missionaries face, including logistical issues like maintaining vehicles and navigating dusty roads to get to the unreached.

Day 1 - 07

All over the world, IMB missionaries work alongside national partners to reach the lost with the gospel of Christ. IMB President Dr. Paul Chitwood asked Christians to pray for missionaries to be able to form an effective team of Great Commission partners from diverse cultures and languages.

So Paul offered these ways you can pray for missionaries spread all over the world:

PRAY for missionaries as they lead in different types of trauma-healing ministry, such as refugee work.  It can take a toll on them.  Pray they would have spiritual, emotional, and physical stamina to carry out their ministry over the long haul.

PRAY for missionaries as they face the practical struggles of their ministry assignments.  From navigating massive amounts of city traffic to maintaining vehicles for use in remote areas, missionaries can have enormous challenges just getting to the people they are trying to reach.

PRAY for personnel to work well with a diverse team of partners on the field - national partners, other US-based agencies, and missionaries from other countries.

PRAY for missionaries as they struggle with being so far away from their home church, country, and family members.  Pray they would have peace in knowing that they are not forgotten by us.